29, Milionnaya str., Saint Petersburg, Russia

The artwork was devoted to the Day of the State Flag of the Russian Federation celebrated on the 22th of August. The August of 2019 was heralded by the peaceful political protests which were violently broken up. The protesters were detained whilst holding the Russian flags. The court processes of the so called “Moscow case” are still in progress.  

The artwork “Flag” was made of the prison bars.


This piece symbolizes the unfulfilled dream. Back in the 1991, after the USSR collapse, the people dreamed of a life in the country of the victorious democracy with such liberal values, as freedom of speech, alternation of power, fair trial and equality of all before the law.
The flag was a most significant symbol of those global changes. 28 years later, the hopes still haven’t been fulfilled. The Flag still hangs on the Millionnaya street, just one building away from the office of Rosgvardiya and two buildings away from the Winter Palace. It was exactly the Palace square, where in 1991 the millions of protesters summoned - the event that led to the global changes in the state.