Десница Бога в резиновой перчатке_6.jpg

The Hand of God in the rubber glove.

November 2020

The artwork was created for the “One for all” festival, organized by Grisha Sharov. The festival was conceptualized in the spring during the “days off work”, as the response to the Covid-19 pandemic and was intended as the defiance to the dim future. Grisha created and installed the artwork following my instructions and drawings. Our communication took place solely online. It was my first experience of such kind, which I consider successful. The artwork concept was born in the pandemic year.


The railway collector in Bratsk has been chosen as the installation site for this piece. The gaping abyss of the collector reminds me of our planet and a chasm at the same time. The God's hand of the vengeance in the rubber glove, the today's symbol, is a warning of a kind. In the religious symbolism the right hand of God metaphorically means the omnipotence of God and his interference in our earthly affairs. In the Bible the right hand has sacred meaning of god’s voice and appears in the case of the God’s presence and his direct actions, and is the symbol of the God's acceptance of the sacrifice.